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By Agile Business Day <info@agilebusinessday.com>
  • Saturday 23 February 2019
  • from 09:00 to 14:00
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  • Uqido Srl Via Garigliano 52, int 7 35138 Padova

People need to respond to success faster and faster to adapt to new markets and technologies. To prove this flexibility, it is necessary to invest in personal growth and career development. One of the first steps to be taken in redefining the very concept of a career. Career can be considered a development journey in which to collect experiences that bring satisfaction and success. But what are the elements that concern and promote development and success? How can our resources and the options that we already have available are better valued or those that support us can offer us? Through a series of practical activities we will experiment how to re-imagine our journey of development, starting from what has already been done and that we can share with others. With the introduction of new career paradigms, we expect to create opportunities that destabilize the status quo, exploiting the lack of predictability as water. Distribute responsibility for development paths, and co-redefine the concept of growth. Decentralize the practices of " personnel management "to make them more congruent with opportunities and aspirations


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